Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Standing atop the hill
The wind, heavy and still
Waiting for the vulture to attack
To tear me into parts

I stand here as prey
Game, for the predator’s play
And I relish the pain
Of every single bite, I sustain

But again the wounds will heal
The jagged edges will anneal
So that you resume your sport
With claws and nails of steel

And the hurt will bleed away
As it does everyday
What is in there, to say
Other than silently pray.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The mind,the butterfly, flies again
O'er the lush greenaries after rain
Absorbing into it,all beauties that lie
On the bare chest of earth, as spring up, new lives

Resting on the fresh, newly bathed leaves
With wings that open and fold in delight
And on that peak of happiness,the thoughts
They freeze for a moment and melt amidst their flight

A momemt when you and the universe unite
And breathe together as a single life
Is that what happens when the soul enlights
Or is it mere fancy of a mind,so elite

A burning desire to merge with it all
The trees,the birds,the squirrels,all souls
To melt yourself in that spring of love
Isnt that what birth was for?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Along this way

Is this the the path
That I had sought?
It leads nowhere
Just dead ends and crossroads.

All I can now do
Is to tell not to follow
For there maybe more
Who choose this road to go

To return back,I cant
For I have left too much in way
All the things that mattered
All that which kept me gay

For something,this meagre
That gives me nothing
Except tears in my eyes
And thirst in my lips

Tears,for all that
Which I have lost
Thirst for those
Which will never be my own...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Ultimate Union

Yonder, in the ebon, she shines bright
Luminescent in the aura of milky white
Beauty,that harbours craters inside
On the aisle of heaven,like a bride,glides

The veil that floats from sky to earth
Enveloping all in its enchanting mirth
Softly falls and sweeps as she walks
Towards her groom, the vanquisher of the dark

She graciously moves along the path of flight
Alone, in the gloomy chill of night
In search of the one, whose light she shines
For whose presence, her existence pines

Her yearning will not go in vain
They will meet in the twilit terrain
Uniting to part again for the day
As she dissolves in his lustrous rays

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lonely ride...

The way unclear
The destination unknown
Yet I am walking
Through this path,alone

Trusting my instincts
That are leading me somewhere
I break all bonds and fly
Just to reach there

The road laden with fog
And the vision is blocked
Is it in the air?
Or within my eyes,despair?

Is this calling true?
Or am I lost in the blue?
There is noone to guide
This is my lonely ride...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Are they really gone?

When the black hole of death
Swallows all
For the ultimate journey
When they get the call

The life force
In the thousands and millons born
Upon body's loss
Where are they just gone?

Into the heaven,vast
Leaving behind the past?
To merge with the God
The bodies and the souls,he lords?

They lesve to be reborn?
In another land,In another form?
Or just walk around,
Past us making no sound?

Are they really lost?
Or can they live as ghosts?
Or are they living in us?
As the love,which on us,they bless?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Friends forever

Today,I call upon him again
And he comes to visit me in the crowded lane
We sit and gaze each other in the eye
Forgetting to speak,even to sigh

He,beside me,in his usual passive self
I immersed myself,into his depths as I delved
He touches gently,beyond body,my heart
And I respond by shutting all other thoughts that dart

We sit together much time in silence
Till someone spoke,reminding me of his presence
That was you again,loneliness,my dear friend
Each time so unique,each time so different.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today is a day when I sit to write
And the words would not just come right
Words that parade my brain,day and night
whether I am lonely or in a crowd,tight

They wander in my head,as the lyrics of some song
Heard at a time and forgotten,long
They fill the blank pages of the books I read
In my monotonous life,giving company,when I need

Words, that speak my mind ,loud and clear
Words that rescue, from the silence' sharp spear
Words that comfort, those from my mother
Words that I learn, knowledge - givers

What would I be if not without words?
How can I even wonder of that world?
For without putting in some words,
I cannot even fly my thought - birds.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Why should I still search
For that which is long gone
Why do i still lurch
In the memory lanes,for something unknown

Maybe there is still a wound
Which the passing time has not healed
Maybe a thread is still bound
Though hard I tug,refuses to be peeled

So I stand at the closed gate
Peering down the pavement nearby
Till I find you, I will wait
Watching the passers-by