Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today is a day when I sit to write
And the words would not just come right
Words that parade my brain,day and night
whether I am lonely or in a crowd,tight

They wander in my head,as the lyrics of some song
Heard at a time and forgotten,long
They fill the blank pages of the books I read
In my monotonous life,giving company,when I need

Words, that speak my mind ,loud and clear
Words that rescue, from the silence' sharp spear
Words that comfort, those from my mother
Words that I learn, knowledge - givers

What would I be if not without words?
How can I even wonder of that world?
For without putting in some words,
I cannot even fly my thought - birds.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Why should I still search
For that which is long gone
Why do i still lurch
In the memory lanes,for something unknown

Maybe there is still a wound
Which the passing time has not healed
Maybe a thread is still bound
Though hard I tug,refuses to be peeled

So I stand at the closed gate
Peering down the pavement nearby
Till I find you, I will wait
Watching the passers-by