Thursday, December 10, 2009


Let me sing this lullaby for you
Though the words are stuck in my throat
Let my pain speak as tears
As you break all earthly knots

Let me sit again on this swing
You had built with rope of love
To make me fly without wings
And the heaven of happiness, I saw

Let me walk again on this road
That you had walked, holding my hand
And hear again,those words, untold
"You are for me, against, even if world stands"

Let me lie again on this bed
That I had lain with you on those nights
When my mind felt disturbed
And you had said," Its all gonna be right"

Where are you, when today all I want
Is to be with you and to feel that I am a part
Of the one, 'cos of whom, this world I could see
Who has left me now with only memories to reminisce...