Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Ultimate Union

Yonder, in the ebon, she shines bright
Luminescent in the aura of milky white
Beauty,that harbours craters inside
On the aisle of heaven,like a bride,glides

The veil that floats from sky to earth
Enveloping all in its enchanting mirth
Softly falls and sweeps as she walks
Towards her groom, the vanquisher of the dark

She graciously moves along the path of flight
Alone, in the gloomy chill of night
In search of the one, whose light she shines
For whose presence, her existence pines

Her yearning will not go in vain
They will meet in the twilit terrain
Uniting to part again for the day
As she dissolves in his lustrous rays

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lonely ride...

The way unclear
The destination unknown
Yet I am walking
Through this path,alone

Trusting my instincts
That are leading me somewhere
I break all bonds and fly
Just to reach there

The road laden with fog
And the vision is blocked
Is it in the air?
Or within my eyes,despair?

Is this calling true?
Or am I lost in the blue?
There is noone to guide
This is my lonely ride...