Monday, March 15, 2010

Are they really gone?

When the black hole of death
Swallows all
For the ultimate journey
When they get the call

The life force
In the thousands and millons born
Upon body's loss
Where are they just gone?

Into the heaven,vast
Leaving behind the past?
To merge with the God
The bodies and the souls,he lords?

They lesve to be reborn?
In another land,In another form?
Or just walk around,
Past us making no sound?

Are they really lost?
Or can they live as ghosts?
Or are they living in us?
As the love,which on us,they bless?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Friends forever

Today,I call upon him again
And he comes to visit me in the crowded lane
We sit and gaze each other in the eye
Forgetting to speak,even to sigh

He,beside me,in his usual passive self
I immersed myself,into his depths as I delved
He touches gently,beyond body,my heart
And I respond by shutting all other thoughts that dart

We sit together much time in silence
Till someone spoke,reminding me of his presence
That was you again,loneliness,my dear friend
Each time so unique,each time so different.