Thursday, October 16, 2008


A beautiful twilight lights the earth..
As a new morning takes its birth
Pinks and blues adorn the sky
On it, the shadows of birds that fly

When the arms of a cold breeze sweeps the land
It embraces every tree and every grass
The rattles of a drizzle that falls on the sand
And the buds shaking in the tune to a dance..

The voice of the birds in melodious chirps
From the head of the grass, a dew drop drips
They fill the coldest of hearts with pleasure
As the mother nature opens her treasures

The joys of dawn bestowed upon us..
In which one feels a mother’s caress
Are not deprived even when dusk falls….
As the sun sets behind the mountain walls

The orangish - blue fades to dark..
The stars twinkle with the beauty of a spark..
The hush of the night, broken by the sounds…
Of gnawing insects and of barking hounds..

The calmness of mind is enveloped by fears
But before they get transformed to tears…
The hands of sleep begins its magic..
Promising another day of fun and frolic