Thursday, August 20, 2009

Under their wings

To the farthest distance, that vision can trace

In the aura of green, the earth lies immersed

And the squeaks of morning birds

Render melody to my ears


A mother bird, calling for her child

Searching every tree that he might hide

Two others, together, a pair

Arrive nest, with their night’s share


Yet another, screeching in shrill sounds

Warning them all of an enemy around

Many, floating on this vista, serene

As if saying, “These don’t affect me.”


But somewhere above,

Still flies a cunning hawk

Watching and waiting

over the humble flock.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Like the calm of a docile,tideless ocean

With gentle and floating waves of thoughts

That sweeps mildly on he shores of mind

To shower their bliss in solitude


But man is bent on living in his thoughts

Thoughts, that always guide him along

Most of the time through the roads of past

A journey,so distant and long


Solitude may sometimes bring oodles of joy

When memory opens its colourful window

To show you the times that you had enjoyed

And takes you back to the people you love


It opens the treasure of those precious moments

So that you can rejoice them once more

And revive the vague faces on the canvas of mind

The portraits of those wonderful people they once bore


Solitude is sometimes a longing for them

Who,you know, may never come

Still you wait in a hope that they arrive

So that it’ll come as a pleasant surprise


You know that it is madness all way long

But solitude always forces you to long

For something,which you know wont occur

But the longing persists and recurs


When the wishes slowly turn into sorrows

The grief of loneliness touches your marrow

And like ripples in a still pond

The tides of pain retreat and mount


The scars of the old wounds of heart

Burst open again,giving a fresh start

To one of those endless moments of torture

That the mind seems so keen to nurture


The hush of the ocean becomes disturbed

Turbulent storms of agonies whimper

The silent thoughts give away

To cries of despair and dismay


Tears that roll with a useless hope

That some arm may be kind to wipe them off

But the cruel hands of monstrous loneliness

Can only squeeze necks, not caress.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another old song..

Memories that give colours to my solitude
Voices of past,filling my silent room
Your gifts, that I'll treasure a lifetime
They'll be my possessions,most priced

An anchor that binds my boat of thoughts
From drifting away into turbulent seas
A confidente, I pour my soul to
When this big,bad world threatens me

Keep me bound in your thread,invisible
For my still mind is easily rippled
Dont let go,even if I say so
For any other way, I dont know.