Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where the mind is without fear...

The other day,I was teaching my 8th std cousin this poetry of Tagore...

I was overcome with delight at seeing this poetry in his textbook,as it was one of my favourites,when I was a student.It took me back to those days when such simple things as poetry could touch some chords of your mind and make an ever lasting impression.And I began to teach with all the zest and zeal I would've felt when I myself heard it first.

The poem itself being simple and easily compehendible, I did not have to take much effort to teach him.But when my eyes fell on these words,I was a bit stuck. "Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habits"(Note: Not good habit or bad habit, but "dead" habit.) I was not sure how to explain.So I thought a bit..

Then I told him "A habit is an action done spontaneously,without really thinking, "He asked "Why then dead habit?" "Of course!!! 'Live habits' should be ones that must be guided by a clear stream of thinking about its cause and consequences.Otherwise they are mere repetition of some thoughtless exercise.Hence 'Dead'."

And that set off a train of thoughts in my mind."How many things I do like that? At work?At home?Where is my clear stream of reason? Dried up long ago, Isuppose, by continuously flowing in the desert sands of dead habits." That,I feel, is the impact every good piece of art has on you. It just makes you rethink those truths that you had always ignored.

Immediately I took piece of paper and copied down the entire poem. My brother asks"Why?" and I say " I liked it very much." After copying it I was about to ask him to do some exercise given at the end of the poem when I find him sitting transfixed.I ask him" What happened? Why are you sitting like this?" He says" I was trying to memorise the whole poem, though it is not there for the exams".

Hats off to you,Tagore,for such an inspiring work...

Friday, July 17, 2009

If you had really loved...

Love, They say is a double edged sword
You can hurt yourself,you can hurt others
Try and use it to defend your world
It shields your soul from all bad weathers..

Energy to live your life to the full
Inspiration,to dare and show your skills
Refreshing memories, that all wounds of the heart fill
Amazes yourself, showing what you are able...

Then what is it that you mourn and cry for?
Unfulfilled desires? egoistic joys?
Why do tears from your eyes pour?
For the rare blessing,that life has bestowed?