Thursday, December 10, 2009


Let me sing this lullaby for you
Though the words are stuck in my throat
Let my pain speak as tears
As you break all earthly knots

Let me sit again on this swing
You had built with rope of love
To make me fly without wings
And the heaven of happiness, I saw

Let me walk again on this road
That you had walked, holding my hand
And hear again,those words, untold
"You are for me, against, even if world stands"

Let me lie again on this bed
That I had lain with you on those nights
When my mind felt disturbed
And you had said," Its all gonna be right"

Where are you, when today all I want
Is to be with you and to feel that I am a part
Of the one, 'cos of whom, this world I could see
Who has left me now with only memories to reminisce...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Quest

The mind, like a bird in delight
Poised to take its first flight
Into the clear,blue skies
Before the clouds of thoughts arise

To sink into the depths of blue
With wings coloured in vibrant hues
And seek that which it wants to find
The one,true answer that hides behind

As it scans the distant high
To search the answer for all its 'Why?(s)'
It becomes confused of the direction, best
To start the query, 'The life test'

But fly ahead,it must
With all its energy and zest
For not every life is so blessed
That it can afford to quest

Friday, September 11, 2009

Near You...

Again comes one of those days
When the world sleeps and I wake
To gaze into the starry,moonlit sky
And speak to someone, who wont reply.

You come near me as the chill of the night
And caress my face with the hands of breeze
Here,in your lap, I feel comfort
As through locks of my hair,your fingers release

I recapitulate the moments we shared
Those countless times when we felt so near
Before fate could draw us apart
And, from me,you had to part

Now memories, like the moon, follow
Behind me,wherever I go
Reminding that you are ever so close
No matter how much the time erodes...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Under their wings

To the farthest distance, that vision can trace

In the aura of green, the earth lies immersed

And the squeaks of morning birds

Render melody to my ears


A mother bird, calling for her child

Searching every tree that he might hide

Two others, together, a pair

Arrive nest, with their night’s share


Yet another, screeching in shrill sounds

Warning them all of an enemy around

Many, floating on this vista, serene

As if saying, “These don’t affect me.”


But somewhere above,

Still flies a cunning hawk

Watching and waiting

over the humble flock.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Like the calm of a docile,tideless ocean

With gentle and floating waves of thoughts

That sweeps mildly on he shores of mind

To shower their bliss in solitude


But man is bent on living in his thoughts

Thoughts, that always guide him along

Most of the time through the roads of past

A journey,so distant and long


Solitude may sometimes bring oodles of joy

When memory opens its colourful window

To show you the times that you had enjoyed

And takes you back to the people you love


It opens the treasure of those precious moments

So that you can rejoice them once more

And revive the vague faces on the canvas of mind

The portraits of those wonderful people they once bore


Solitude is sometimes a longing for them

Who,you know, may never come

Still you wait in a hope that they arrive

So that it’ll come as a pleasant surprise


You know that it is madness all way long

But solitude always forces you to long

For something,which you know wont occur

But the longing persists and recurs


When the wishes slowly turn into sorrows

The grief of loneliness touches your marrow

And like ripples in a still pond

The tides of pain retreat and mount


The scars of the old wounds of heart

Burst open again,giving a fresh start

To one of those endless moments of torture

That the mind seems so keen to nurture


The hush of the ocean becomes disturbed

Turbulent storms of agonies whimper

The silent thoughts give away

To cries of despair and dismay


Tears that roll with a useless hope

That some arm may be kind to wipe them off

But the cruel hands of monstrous loneliness

Can only squeeze necks, not caress.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another old song..

Memories that give colours to my solitude
Voices of past,filling my silent room
Your gifts, that I'll treasure a lifetime
They'll be my possessions,most priced

An anchor that binds my boat of thoughts
From drifting away into turbulent seas
A confidente, I pour my soul to
When this big,bad world threatens me

Keep me bound in your thread,invisible
For my still mind is easily rippled
Dont let go,even if I say so
For any other way, I dont know.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where the mind is without fear...

The other day,I was teaching my 8th std cousin this poetry of Tagore...

I was overcome with delight at seeing this poetry in his textbook,as it was one of my favourites,when I was a student.It took me back to those days when such simple things as poetry could touch some chords of your mind and make an ever lasting impression.And I began to teach with all the zest and zeal I would've felt when I myself heard it first.

The poem itself being simple and easily compehendible, I did not have to take much effort to teach him.But when my eyes fell on these words,I was a bit stuck. "Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habits"(Note: Not good habit or bad habit, but "dead" habit.) I was not sure how to explain.So I thought a bit..

Then I told him "A habit is an action done spontaneously,without really thinking, "He asked "Why then dead habit?" "Of course!!! 'Live habits' should be ones that must be guided by a clear stream of thinking about its cause and consequences.Otherwise they are mere repetition of some thoughtless exercise.Hence 'Dead'."

And that set off a train of thoughts in my mind."How many things I do like that? At work?At home?Where is my clear stream of reason? Dried up long ago, Isuppose, by continuously flowing in the desert sands of dead habits." That,I feel, is the impact every good piece of art has on you. It just makes you rethink those truths that you had always ignored.

Immediately I took piece of paper and copied down the entire poem. My brother asks"Why?" and I say " I liked it very much." After copying it I was about to ask him to do some exercise given at the end of the poem when I find him sitting transfixed.I ask him" What happened? Why are you sitting like this?" He says" I was trying to memorise the whole poem, though it is not there for the exams".

Hats off to you,Tagore,for such an inspiring work...

Friday, July 17, 2009

If you had really loved...

Love, They say is a double edged sword
You can hurt yourself,you can hurt others
Try and use it to defend your world
It shields your soul from all bad weathers..

Energy to live your life to the full
Inspiration,to dare and show your skills
Refreshing memories, that all wounds of the heart fill
Amazes yourself, showing what you are able...

Then what is it that you mourn and cry for?
Unfulfilled desires? egoistic joys?
Why do tears from your eyes pour?
For the rare blessing,that life has bestowed?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Loneliness, Again...

Loneliness,the pain
Coursing through every vein
Filling my eyes again
And I fail to restrain

As some unknown grief
Tightens its ugly grip
And in a moment,so brief
Erases smiles off my lips

The mind fills with shadows of doom
As I await in this gloom
For something to break this wall
That between me and the world,stands tall.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some raintime thoughts...

The sky, like life,stands overcast
Perplexed, as shadows of rain move past.
Yonder, the sun threatens to pour its embers
But,the clouds do seem to promise a shower.

As the time withers away,
The dilemma becomes more and more grave.
The travellust stormy winds come whistling loud
Strong as he is, wants to take with him the clouds.

Pity to watch the lover earth on flames,
Romance brings suffering, for everyone, the same
Will the clouds abandon him, carried away by the winds?
Or will faith give the strength to stand by its friends?

I wonder and wonder as I watch
What the decision will be at last?
From heaven as the beads of pearl sweep down
Relief! that the earth was not left forlorn.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bliss showers

The green eyes which refuse to open
From their sleep,in this beautiful dawn.
The lustrous lamp lit by divine hands
Has not yet adorned the horizon.

The gloomy mist encircling the hills,
Have not lain on grasses to rest.
The early birds that chirp from afar,
Aren't the ones that have left their nests.

The little streams from the rain of the night
Have not lost their flow,yet.
The glistening lips of the beautiful flowers
With a dreamy smile,are still wet.

Beauty speaks with unspoken words
That breaks the silence of this hour
Nature alive with wonderful sights
And into the minds,bliss showers.